Hmm. So you want to know all about me?

Well, don’t expect a 3rd person account of how “wonderful” I am – I’m not big on bullshit, I prefer to tell it like it is.  Besides, I couldn’t begin to tell you who “she” is, but I know who I am…I’m as fucked-up and imperfect as everyone else. I make mistakes, have regrets and every once in a while, my moral compass doesn’t exactly point in the right direction…and I’m OK with that.  I’ve got my own personal views on life and prefer to do my own thing rather than follow the crowd.  I’ve been told I’m a bad influence and… yeah, I can be a bit of a smartass! But I make no excuses for who I am.

Rhythm & Bite

When it comes to music, life has taken me on a most amazing trajectory, and my eclectic tastes have influenced me in a variety of different ways; from the way I think to the music I write. I’ve been lucky enough to find a musical partner (Leonardo de Luca) who totally gets me (not an easy task…) and this collaboration has led to unchartered territory. Steeped in the smooth soul of the 70’s and the “balls to the wall” approach of the rock bands of that same era… I give you Rhythm & Bite (didn’t I say I like to do my own thing?)

Need more info?

How’s about a history then? I’ll try to keep it short. Many, many years ago (when I was a wee one) I dreamed of being a rock star (did I mention I could dream BIG, it’s a talent!) So I took all types of lessons (guitar, piano, voice, etc) but got scared shitless when at 16 my vocal coach told me I could make people cry if I really wanted to (nowadays I love to make people cry just for fun, but back then I wasn’t as comfortable with the concept) so I quit. Everything.

Silly isn’t it? Lucky for me, my best friend had my back. And although it took a few years to convince me (like 10) I finally got back in the game (see track #9). This of course was a huge surprise to my husband, who had no clue of my musical inclinations (refer to D3 for more info). So off I went on this new adventure, which was interrupted by the birth of my daughter (The Promise – Emmaliya’s song) and my constant need for self-sabotage (see M.T.M.S). But I finally made it.

Of course, “rock stars” no longer exist and nobody really buys music anymore, so perhaps I need to change the nature of my childhood dream, but the core concept is still the same. It’s all about the music, and sharing it with the world (*sniff* I get all choked up!!!).

Still curious? Well then, here is a convenient little resume in interview format:

Q: Who are you?
I thought we already covered this? But OK. I am whoever I want to be…but mostly I want to be me. Dovvsky

Q: Real name?
Rachel Lewandowski

Q: What is the name of your album?
Rachel’s Disclosure

Q: What’s it about?
Me, disclosing stuff…hence the name…

Q: Based on the song lyrics – I wonder, did someone in particular piss you off?
Hmm, it would seem that way wouldn’t it. Let’s just say it’s a culmination of different experiences had by myself and others (you wouldn’t want me to get in trouble now, would you?)

Q: Can you tell me a story?
Um…ok. When I was 3, I climbed on the roof of my parent’s car which was parked in the driveway and proceeded to do a little dance in order to impress my siblings and their friends (I’m the youngest). Well, I fell off and smacked my head on the pavement.

Q: What does this have to do with your music?
Nothing, but it explains a hell of a whole lot! It’s also the first evidence of me having the “Lewandowski clutz gene”.

Q: Wait, the what?
The “Lewandowski Clutz Gene” (that’s the scientific term by the way). See, I tend to trip over my own feet. Get hurt in the stupidest ways. I inherited this from my dad and have managed to pass it onto my daughter. It makes us “special” (and teaches you real early how to laugh at yourself!)

Q: What’s your biggest pet-peeve?
Inefficiency. I hate wasting time or energy and prefer getting right to the point. Which is why most of my songs don’t have a traditional chorus. I hate repeating myself.

Q: So then, what’s next?
Well, now I have to put into place my plan to take over the world! Muhahahahaha!

Q: This all sounds pretty good!
Doesn’t it – I worked really hard on this. I’m glad you like it.